Firmly tied pocketbook tube car wheels

With "pocketbook", "good car wheels", contain a variety of luxury…… At the end of last year, the general secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions stressed that "to vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation thrift, and vigorously promote conservation glorious, shameful waste of ideas, trying to practice strict economy and combat waste in the whole society has become common practice". The provincial Party committee and the municipal Party committee has issued notice, requires rigorously enforce thrift. A year later, the reporter interviewed found that no matter in the party and government organs, or the ordinary people at home, austerity, against waste "has become a common practice. One year, party and government led social customs wind better, practice thrift and waste has gradually become the community and the people of the consensus.

economize real change will be the wind

[]: thrifty fragments without flowers, banners, no red carpet, not to engage in the welcome ceremony…… These new initiatives for the city to create a simple, solemn, fresh new wind. Compared to previous years, this conference atmosphere slightly deserted, no hanging publicity meeting the spirit of the red banners, no flowers and plants decorate the venue. Xining municipal CPPCC Secretary General Zhao Long introduced, in line with streamline meetings and thrifty concept, the meeting at the venue layout is saved, but not placed flowers, hanging banners, originally prepared by the conference table is changed to a buffet.

[real]: NPC and CPPCC, compressed non prescribed procedures of the meeting, the meeting will no longer arrange municipal government leaders held a meeting of Party members to visit, not; number, length of compression during the conference presentation, not empty words, cliches, straight into the subject submitted to the real thing; compression in the number of personnel compression conference expenses. During the meeting to cancel unnecessary banners; cancel the meeting venue of the flower decoration; cancel the souvenir issued to participants; canceled the meeting of propaganda during the arch setting; cancel the meeting during the publicity boards; cancel dinner during the meeting of staff.[results]:

[] fragment thrift: in October 1st, the reporter to follow the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the city’s public holidays car management carried out unannounced visits. In the West District People’s court, the reporter saw, the hospital vehicles parked neatly parked in the specified point. It is reported that the vehicle by the office of unified management, the accident will promptly notify the office of leadership and school, don’t cheat, lie. All vehicles have to comply with the provisions of the police use, not to participate in weddings and other matters, the police sign device is not illegal to use, parking in front of entertainment.

[real]: Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued "on the further strengthening of the notice" reiterated during the holidays bus management, put forward a mandatory requirement for the management of the bus during the holidays. Notice requirement, party and government organs and institutions are prohibited party members, cadres, workers during the holidays to make use of the bus to make arrangements for marriage, tourism, fishing, entertainment and pick up their children;

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