Sheng Bin Minister of national defense mobilization of the Central Military Commission

9 7 to 8, the Central Military Commission, Minister of national defense mobilization in Qinghai Sheng Bin. He has come to a reserve infantry brigade in field training field, Xining garrison field survey, organizing seminars and listening to the reports, focus on understanding dangguanwuzhuang, conscription, non-public enterprises militia construction and national defense education etc.. Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng met with his party during the investigation of the line of the president of the Chinese Communist Party of China (CPC), a member of the Communist Party of. Provincial Military commissar Lining accompanied investigation.

Wang Guosheng said, to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi series of important speech, always focus on the goal to achieve a strong army, firmly grasp the correct direction, continuing to build a strong organization, fighting to play good role of Party organizations at all levels. In order to improve the local government service ability, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, to the officers and soldiers concerned about, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of special officers and soldiers and their dependents, enhance the sense of honor, to create a good environment for the full implementation of the reform of the army.

in a reserve infantry brigade in field training field, Sheng Bin watched the organization of the Ministry of defense, infantry, artillery, air defense training, giving full affirmation to all the officers and soldiers serving and pre. He pointed out that the reserve forces is an important part of China’s "three combination" of the armed forces, the mission, the role is very important, must resolutely implement the party strong military targets in the new situation, efforts in accordance with the "four iron" requirements, build a "built in the local, emergency and wartime fight reserve the troops.

in the Xining garrison, Sheng Bin field view of the national defense mobilization readiness information platform and library room construction, and with the provincial and municipal government departments and schools, non-public enterprises responsible person, county (District) the armed forces officers, township (street) armed forces military cadres and representatives in a discussion exchange. Sheng Bin stressed the need to strengthen national defense education, in accordance with the requirements of the whole object, all regions, all content, all the time, all means, innovative ways and means to expand the national defense awareness. Strengthen the armed forces of the party, do a good job in the militia grassroots organizations, especially the construction of non-public enterprises with militia reserve personnel, and strengthen the awareness of the party’s command.


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