Xining tourism more dazzling creative ideas

in 2013, the city’s tourism marketing concept innovation, the introduction of more rich tourism products, increase publicity and promotion; highlight the integration of resources, accelerate the construction of the project; improve service quality, strengthen environmental protection and so on, so many wonderful ideas, the tourism market continues to heat up, the tourism industry rapid development. 2013, the city received a total of 13 million 68 thousand and 300 tourists at home and abroad, an increase of 15.89%, total tourism income of $10 billion 76 million, an increase of 34.01%. Domestic tourists per capita spending in Xining increased to 2035.59 yuan / person, an increase of more than 236.57 yuan / person / day, compared with 2012. The provincial overnight tourists per capita spending 2466.54 yuan / person, an increase of 287.81 yuan / person; the province overnight tourists per capita spending 1137.16 yuan / person, an increase of 104.78 yuan / person; tourists spend an average of 258.01 yuan / person, an increase of 34.09 yuan / person.

  tourism tourism products become more abundant in our city and tourism revenue in 2013 compared with the same period last year increased by 15.89% and 34.01%, the launch of tourism index to benefit from the rapid growth of precision marketing and rich tourism products. In different seasons, the development of different tourism products, and for the different needs of the tourism market, do precise propaganda, has long been one of the important means to enhance the attractiveness of urban tourism and tourist satisfaction. A series of cultural tourism activities in autumn and winter with strong ethnic style, rich and colorful spring of the rural experience tourism, summer all types of exhibitions, events and cool climate in different regions have attracted visitors to play, feel the charm of travel, enjoy walking style. Especially with the city fire point recommendation, Macao exhibition publicity, television programs, newspapers and magazines on the city exposure rate enhancement and "love" summer tourism micro film tourism publicity accuracy and increase the propaganda means diversification and information, making our city "xiadou" city tourism image gradually thorough popular feeling. And won a good reputation and return rate to ensure the rapid growth of our city tourism economic indicators. Cool summer Yourenruzhi into July, with the arrival of the summer country, Xining cool climate has become an important factor in attracting foreign tourists, in addition, Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, China Youth Film Festival, Qinghai International Halal Food Festival, Xining city investment fairs and festivals continuously attracting a large number of domestic and foreign visitors. The three quarter of the city to become the golden season of tourism, the total number of tourists to receive a total of 47.09% of the annual reception; tourism revenue accounted for the total revenue of the year before last year accounted for 50.08%. Seven or eight month star hotel occupancy rate reached more than 75%, in September also maintained at more than 55%, while the social Hotel occupancy;

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