Xining standing at a new historical starting point

January 18th, the thirteen session of the Municipal Committee of the twelve plenary session. The meeting examined and approved the Xining Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China on the development of Xining’s national economic and social development of the thirteenth five year plan proposal, depicting the next 5 years, a new blueprint for the development of.

"12th Five-Year" is the development of our city is an extraordinary five years, in the face of perplexing international environment and the arduous task of reform development and stability, the strong leadership of the provincial government, the municipal Party committee to unite and lead people of all ethnic groups in the city of innovation, pragmatic and hard work, to promote economic and social development to achieve a new leap forward. "The main objectives and tasks to achieve victory in 12th Five-Year" plan, to lay a solid foundation for the planning and implementation of the "13th Five-Year".

"13th Five-Year", the key is to resolutely implement the central spirit, the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a guide, in accordance with the overall layout of "five in one" and "the four overall strategic layout, the development of the concept of the five" Moupian layout, with new ideas to lead the new development, open up a new realm.

"12315" clear "in 13th Five-Year and the coming period of strategic goal and value orientation, the close relationship between the five, form an organic whole,

"a first" is to grasp the central and provincial Party committee put forward the standards and requirements, to ensure that in 2020 in the province to build a well-off society. This is the core goal, not only the responsibility of the central mission, but also the city’s people’s wishes, we must resolutely implement;

"two upgrade" is to promote the transformation and upgrading of industry and city, which is represent the general trend of development, it is an urgent requirement of development; an important requirement is the central work conference of the city, also is the proper meaning to create a better life in the title, this is the two pillars of Xining to achieve the goal of comprehensive well-off we must speed up the pace;

"three demonstration base" is the development of circular economy construction of the province’s first district ecological civilization, the first area and create national unity and progress advanced area demonstration base. This is the orientation and path, not only based on comparative advantage to determine the strategic task, but also to promote the building of a moderately prosperous society in the inevitable choice, we must adhere to long-term;

"a city window" is to build the Qinghai spirit show the connotation of city high window, for building a well-off society with spiritual power, is the embodiment of Xining city soft power". This is the driving force and security, is not only the formation of the characteristics of the Xining outstanding spirit of the concentrated show, but also the overall strict party, strengthen the inherent requirements of style building, we must vigorously build;

"five vanguard" is striving to promote green development, promote innovation, deepen reform and opening up and improve public services, strengthen the vanguard of the construction of the rule of law, this is the Xining to promote the status and function of "the four overall strategic layout in the province, have the courage to bear when.

"determine the total goal 12315", grasp the trend, to respond to the people expect, highlighting the comparative advantage, will greatly inspire the;

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