Provincial government to promote the construction of the rule of law

7 14, the provincial government to promote the construction of the rule of law to convene the meeting. The meeting conveyed the important instructions of the Governor Peng Hao, informed the province’s rule of law government construction work, the next step for the deployment of the work. Vice governor Gao Hua speech.


meeting that, in recent years, the attention and the strong leadership of the provincial government, all localities and departments to fully implement the two "implementation of the opinions" of the provincial government, the positive transformation of government functions, efforts to enhance the decision-making level, focus on strengthening the system construction, and vigorously promote the open, strictly regulate the administrative law enforcement, and achieved new progress in accordance with the law and administrative government by law construction work new achievements.

the meeting stressed that all localities and departments should earnestly implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council "Implementation Outline" construction of the rule of law government and the provincial government implementation of the "government by law construction in Qinghai province plan", closely around 2020 basically completed the functions of scientific and legal rights and responsibilities, strict law enforcement, open and fair, honest and efficient, the integrity of the government under the rule of law, further enhance the administrative capacity of the government staff, improve the use of the rule of law and the rule of thinking the way to deepen reform, promote development, resolve conflicts and maintain a stable level; further combing Ren Wuju measures, strengthen supervision and assessment, strengthening the legal institutions and cadres at all levels, to ensure that the objectives and tasks; further strengthen the legal government construction demonstration to create work, in-depth to carry out legal publicity and education in the whole society, according to the law, in case of Find a way to solve the problem, resolve conflicts by law, a good environment.


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