Study and practice of housing projects such as Scientific Outlook on Development

March 20th, the Xining real estate group limited held an in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development mobilization meeting, the mobilization of all Party members and cadres and workers with enthusiasm to actively join the practice of learning activities, to fully mobilize the affordable housing, affordable housing and shantytowns, city landscape project, property management and other work actively initiative, make the study and practice to promote work, strong power to promote the development of.

the meeting pointed out, to continue to emancipate the mind, promote Scientific Outlook on Development, perfecting mechanism, solve development problems, standardize business practices, achieve the goal of bigger and stronger group "practice carrier for the activities, guiding ideology, objectives, basic principles, methods and steps to grasp the learning practice accurately, to achieve" five focus "that is, to change the group does not meet Scientific Outlook on Development’s ideas; strive to improve the ability to promote the steady development of science, group and group of comprehensive operation level; solve influence and restrict the group to further enlarge and highlight the problem; to solve the problems of real estate development, property management, housing demolition work exists; focus on building a group full of vitality, distinctive and more efficient, a mechanism conducive to scientific development system, Better accelerate the development and scientific development of organic unity.


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