Starting next year the province launched 300 million yuan of special funds to guide tourism develop

In order to promote tourism province construction in our province, from 2016 onwards, the provincial financial arrangements for the annual 300 million yuan of special funds to guide the development of tourism, increase the focus on the scenic spot, "The Belt and Road, poverty alleviation of rural tourism village tourism infrastructure, public service facilities and tourism commodity development support. This is the reporter from the provincial government office issued on November 1st to further promote tourism investment and consumption of the implementation of the views of the.

in increasing government support at the same time, our province will also in the implementation of differentiated land use policy, expand financing channels for tourism enterprises to increase the intensity of reform and innovation. As to encourage social capital and personal use of wasteland, barren beach, landfills and abandoned mines such as the development of tourism projects, government subsidies or loans support; encourage rural collective economic organizations in accordance with the collective management of construction land use rights shares, joint venture and other forms of business tourism enterprises; encourage various financial institutions to innovative personalized financial products carry out, charging rights, management rights against (quality) and other financing, increase support for the construction of tourism projects credit; support qualified tourism enterprises through listing, issuance and direct financing; to encourage investment in social capital, through the PPP mode of construction and operation of tourism projects.  

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