Yan Jinhai in Xining research food basket project construction

July 2nd, vice governor Yan Jinhai in the investigation of "food basket" project in Xining stressed that all localities and departments to seriously implement the provincial twelve session of the four plenary session of the spirit, "steadily improve the supply capacity of basket of production standards and the protection of urban and rural residents, continue to meet the growing consumer demand.

research, Yan Jinhai line depth North District and Huangzhong County of Xining City, laying hens, pig breeding base, vegetable base and greenhouse vegetable planting base, the old and new greenhouses greenhouse renovation construction site, a detailed understanding of the "vegetable basket" product production, processing, circulation and management etc., and look carefully the function is complete, scientific management, advanced technology, service facilities, reasonable cost of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural distribution center.

Yan Jinhai stressed that "food basket" is related to the vital interests of the masses, the country should fully implement the "food basket" project chief executive responsibility system, increase policy support, optimize regional distribution and variety structure, regulation guarantee mechanism innovation. To speed up the cultivation of fruit and seed breeding production base with the goal of building the stable development of livestock and poultry, vegetables, high standards, encourage and support new business entities involved in the "food basket" project, perfect "food basket" products processing system, agricultural products wholesale market, information services and the quality and safety supervision, strengthen marketing docking services, establish and perfect full quality traceability system, strengthen the monitoring of the market price supervision, and constantly improve the production capacity of basket product. (author: Luo Lianjun)

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