The seventh Qinghai literary week opened the curtain

seventh Qinghai literary week in January 12th kicked off, more than more than 80 writers, critics, ethnic literary translators from the provincial yuan participated in the opening ceremony.

the opening ceremony, held the second session of the "· China dream; Qinghai story Essay award ceremony, Qinghai province from 2015 to 2017 focused on literature support funds issued ceremony, and" wild yak "Tibetan Literature Translation Series fifth series premiere. Then will be Fang Wenyong, Zhao Zongfu, the three writers of the poetry collection will be shared; the 2017 Chinese poetry Spring Festival evening Recital (Qinghai branch) and other activities. The Qinghai literature week, which is designed to cultivate the brand of Qinghai literature, is one of the literary works of Qinghai writers association.

annual Qinghai literature week has been successfully held for seven years, persistence and unremitting pursuit, makes this event become an event in Qinghai literature, culture, the writer team works library construction, literature exchange cooperation, literature position construction has achieved initial results.

prior to the current literature week, the Qinghai Provincial Writers Association, Qinghai province National Association of writers, literary translation translators together into the Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan Guide County, Hainan Prefecture, to second national middle school presented China writers of Chinese translation people "books 1900.


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