Strengthen cooperation between Hong Kong and Macao to promote the development of open and green Hao

7 31, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Hao Peng, chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee met in Xining by the Hubei Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference executive vice chairman of the Hong Kong and Macao entrepreneurs to go to the delegation.

members of the delegation have Sibao Group Chairman Liang Liangsheng, chairman Xie Junming, New Asia Industrial industries chairman Han Sheng, Xiong Brilliant International Group chairman of the board of directors Lin Fuqiang, Hong Kong International Group Executive Director Yang Huayong, the Yangtze River Investment Group Chairman Tang Weimin, chairman of the east side of what industrial Chen Wanfen and other 21 well-known entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and macao.

wangguosheng to everyone welcome and thanks to green. He said that Hongkong and Macao are international cities. Qinghai vast territory, rich in resources, is a place full of hope. Strong complementarity between the two sides, a large space for cooperation. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life in Qinghai, Hong Kong and Macao to take a walk, take a look, deepen pragmatic cooperation in economic and trade, science and technology, tourism, culture and other aspects.

Hao Peng briefed the guests on the situation in Qinghai, said they would like to invest in green to create a good environment. Visitors to Hong Kong and Macao entrepreneurs in the development of cooperation in Qinghai showed great interest, have said that through the investigation, to further seize the opportunity to select the project to promote exchanges and cooperation in various fields.

Wang Yubo, Wang Liming, and Ma Zhiwei.


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