Xining Social Security Bureau appealed to the insured public good money

Lee hospital discharge settlement medical time-consuming, not only let her pay, even hospitalization paid two thousand yuan deposit or full refund, it is wrong to hospital account? Xining City Social Security Bureau reply, no hospital is incorrect, Medicare card "jiumingqian" played a role.

originally, Ms. Lee is the medical insurance of the insured, she the hospital, funds paid three thousand yuan, the individual part of the burden from her personal account (Medicare card money) paid. Because of her personal account accumulation, so Qifubiaozhun, self-care and individuals should take part at their own expense and will not have to pay.

June 8th, the relevant departments of Xining City Social Security Bureau of the person in charge of the settlement of medical expenses, medical insurance card, Ms. Lee really enjoy the benefits of having health insurance personal accounts, in fact, money is their own money, and other accounts of the money is the same, is only a dedicated health account. At the end of the year there is interest, can be inherited, but also for the family of outpatient medication. Insured personnel can also be removed after the relocation of different places, but more importantly, when the insured person hospitalized, the personal burden will be reduced a lot. Now, many young people feel good, usually not what a serious illness, and Medicare card more and more money, don’t take it out again, with Medicare card to individual health insurance designated pharmacies to buy daily necessities, cosmetics, food and so on, let the insurance card into a shopping card, this is at the expense of the future.

in this regard, the Xining Municipal Social Security Bureau staff appealed to the insured people, cover tight pocketbook, manage the life-saving money, do not believe rumors, the money used in the blade, and actively report violations of the designated pharmacy.


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