Qinghai province held a celebration of May Day and may day labor medal commendation ceremony

figure to celebrate the May Day and the National May Day double award recognition conference site reporter Liu Zhiqiang photo

April summer sunny, Liulv flowers. On the occasion of the May 1 International Labor Day, the afternoon of April 26th, Qinghai celebrate May Day and may day labor award, medal commendation conference held in the provincial conference center. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Hao Peng, Provincial Standing Committee, the provincial government executive vice governor Xu Fushun, Provincial Standing Committee, chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, Su Ning, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee Ma Wei, the provincial CPPCC vice chairman Ji Renfeng and other leaders attended the meeting. Xu Fushun presided over the meeting.


conference announced the decision of the ACFTU on the recognition of the national labor award, national labor medal and the national workers vanguard and the ACFTU awarded the advanced collectives and staff of the national labor award, for reconstruction of Qinghai after the Yushu earthquake.

in recognition of the general assembly, the Qinghai Atomic City Memorial and other 5 units won the national labor award honorary title; the 13 people such as Wang Zonghong won the National Labor Medal of honor; Qinghai Jinke Tibet Limited by Share Ltd processing workshop of 13 units won the national workers vanguard honorary title. And China Railway two Bureau Group Construction Co., Ltd., such as the 30 collective national labor award, Chen Qilin and other comrades of the national labor medal 80.

at the same time, labor competition committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions of Golmud city tap water company awarded 50 units for the "labor contest 12th Five-Year" meritorious advanced collective honorary title; Xining Municipal Construction Group Co. Ltd. Shen Weihua 300 comrades awarded for "labor contest 12th Five-Year" meritorious advanced individual honor. On the meeting, Yang Tingpeng and other 10 outstanding technical workers technical workers star were commended; for in the province’s eighth employees of the occupation skill competition of provincial finals sintering and other types of work (project) the first gold and other 34 players awarded the "Qinghai Province individual trades technology champion awarded the honorary title;" occupation skill contest workers the province’s outstanding player "honorary title for second to sixth provincial finals in various types of Ma Haicheng and other 164 players; awarded the" Qinghai Province, the eighth worker Occupation Skill Competition outstanding organization unit "honorary title of occupation skill contest in the province’s workers actively participate and the team have made outstanding achievements in heavy machinery textile trade unions and other 11 units; awarded the outstanding achievements in the eighth employees of the occupation skills contest in Du Dexiang 76 comrades" in Qinghai five A women’s pacesetter "honorary title; awarded gold and other 202 comrades in the province of young skilled positions of honor;

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