Western traveler Chen Yiqing exhibition held in Xining

In August 10th, the Western Travel – Chen Yiqing exhibition in Xining International Summer Summer Village street family circle red Gallery held, the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja and the Provincial Federation of relevant leaders, Provincial Association of painters exhibition.

Chen Yiqing, born in 1963 in Qinghai, graduated from Minzu University of China, Academy of Fine Arts, is currently a member of the Chinese artists association. At the age of 26, his works "out of Qinghai" which won the silver medal in the national art exhibition held in 1985; the "Untitled Exhibition" was included in "China contemporary art history". The exhibition exhibited his paintings, prints more than and 20. The works on display, with a solid and unique realistic artistic language, showed painter enthusiasm for Tibetan Plateau mountains praise, its fresh and ethereal beauty, showing the theme of nature pure, broad and profound, but also reflects the painters to creative attitude and diligent exploration spirit and the unique language of the cable show. (author: Ma Jun)


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