Xining Railway Station 11 days to complete the transition from the train station will be temporarily

Xining Railway Station yard transition plan completed in September 11th, the railway transportation line will pass from the high-speed field just completed, to ensure the normal operation of passenger and freight, and demolition of existing platform and track the yard, the implementation of the underground passage, general speed alterations and station shelter and general speed field above the elevated station building construction.

reporter yesterday learned from the Qinghai Tibet railway, Xining Railway Station building consists of three layers, divided into elevated waiting layer, platform layer, station hall layer three aspects and three auxiliary dissection, the highest number of 12000 people gathered. Xining Railway Station station consists of 9 platforms 21 lines (line 4), of which 8 yard Lanqing hair line (line), 6 stations table 13; Lanzhou station to the hair line (line), 11 stations table.

according to the Xining railway and the transformation of the Xining Railway Station layout and related engineering and Lanzhou second double synchronous opening requirements, while minimizing the impact of construction on the railway transportation, the Xining Railway Station yard for shot transition to meet the engineering construction and normal operation of railway transportation needs. Plans to complete the speed field of roadbed, tracks, stations, hydrants, drains, fire hydrants and other facilities in the next year after the end of August, plans in September 1st to enable P-speed passenger train from the field, the general speed field lines through freight trains from the truck outside winding through.

currently, Xining Railway Station line side of the main station building project is completed, the interior is implementing water, warm, electricity installation and construction of indoor decoration, outdoor is implementing the curtain wall construction; Xining Railway Station elevated station building high-speed field concrete main structure completed, is implementing the assembly of steel structure, the installation and sliding construction. (author: Ni Xiaoying)


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