Promote anti corruption work by the rule of law

In November 12th, the Party Central Group will expand learning meeting, municipal committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning conveyed at the meeting of the central and provincial Party’s mass line educational practice summed up the spirit of the general assembly, municipal committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang presided over the meeting and convey the central national work conference. Meanwhile, the city prosecutor’s office to prevent the crime of preaching group made a speech report. At the meeting, leaders at all levels should understand the spirit of the two meeting, and implement, and strive to transform the results of the study to promote the development of ideas and specific measures. The meeting pointed out, made a vivid intuitive propaganda report "city procuratorate crime prevention duties team members for the participants, the interpretation of the laws and regulations of the party and the national anti-corruption policy and the prevention of job-related crimes, introduces the achievements and experience gained, and the typical case to warn people. To encourage people to exemplary deeds, is very meaningful. After listening to the report, the participating leaders said, will enhance the ability to resist corrosion, build a strong ideological and moral line, conscious use of the rule of law and the rule of thinking the way to promote clean government and anti-corruption work.  

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