Xining city industrial injury insurance declaration has a specific time

April 7th, Ms. Li city people call the newspaper news hotline 96369 said want to claim medical expenses of inductrial injury insurance, but the Xining city industrial injury insurance benefits application for a limited time, to understand the specific issues for treatment of inductrial injury insurance declaration through the West Sea city newspaper.

it is understood that the declaration of Xining industrial injury insurance treatment, medical expenses and other non periodic treatment is a specific time to declare. The treatment of work-related injury insurance declaration monthly 1 day 10 day end, regular disability allowance, nursing fees and dependent relatives pension monthly 10 day signed the end of 19 days, medical expenses and other non regular monthly salary 15 day signed the end of 19 days. The insured shall declare inductrial injury medical time-consuming, work-related injury form, work-related injury confirmation notice, accident report, copy of ID card, proof of medical records, hospital or outpatient medical expenses, a copy of manual list or Chinese herbal medicine prescription, medical expenses standard invoice (outside medical approval form, train sleeper ticket and accommodation invoice system). (author: Mo Qing)

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