Lake race so that people love the Tianshui bike



of this lake race will usher in the Tianshui criterium race around the lake for the first time since last year landed in Gansu Tianshui, all drivers in the "birthplace of San song" Fu’s passion for war, Tianshui to provide a feel close cycling charm platform and opportunity, which makes the number of Tianshui bike enthusiasts to rise rapidly, further the development of Tianshui and Gansu province amateur cycling to promote good growth.

a week of hard work is finally over. Very not easy to wait until the weekend Tianshui people horse quickly come up with special tools, will be his favorite "ride" to take care of a lot. It is a red Merida sport bike, although there are nearly a year old horse riding experience, but in the meticulous care, still looks as good as new. In the heart of the old horse, this bike is his sweetheart. Ma said, although he did not qualify, but he is still ready to go with his car to the lake to show a. In fact, in Tianshui, the bike as a sport tool, will be riding a bike as a fun life is more and more people! During the holidays, with friends or friends to walk in groups or alone, happy and pleased with oneself roaming, both young and old, regardless of gender. Zhang Jun told reporters: "I do not look at the age of more than and 60, but with the riders to participate in riding activities or games, I never drag the hind legs. Bicycle sports let me not only have a healthy body, but also often let me forget their age, the kind of Mercedes Benz, all the way to enjoy the beauty of the joy and comfort, others can not understand." In an interview with reporters found that with the popularity of cycling, Tianshui bicycle sales also showed a rising trend. Tianshui a bike of Sporting Club Hotel, Song Hai said: "the influence of the grand event, there will be more people to join the cycling team, which led to Tianshui, Gansu province and even the green travel more fiery."


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