Construction of the six system of community service to improve the quality of community service in X

December 28th, the reporter learned from the Xining Civil Affairs Bureau of Xining, from the community employment services, basic social security, public health and basic medical services, community education, public cultural services such as the six system construction, expand community services, improve community service quality.

from the city of Xining in the community of the development of labor and social security association, assist in the management of floating population, traffic wardens, security patrols, public health cleaning, public environmental greening, maintenance of public facilities and culture, education, sports, daycare, child service jobs. The establishment of community employment service network, job registration, employment guidance, occupation, skills training, guidance and management of "one-stop" services for job seekers, and encourage more laid-off and unemployed workers re employment in the field of community service. Establish and improve the urban and rural, urban and rural medical assistance, five guarantees, disaster relief, city beggars relief five security lines, the implementation of community elderly day care center project, the city’s basic social security system more perfect. Xining city community by community clinics, community clinics and other medical institutions to establish, alleviate the past medical problems, some ailments, chronic disease treatment routine you can get treatment at community clinics, clinics, so that every one of the residents in the community can easily enjoy the blood pressure, blood glucose, basic public health the service quantity of height and weight, convenient for residents at the same time, from the side reflects the improvement of the living quality of residents. At the same time, the community through the rich and colorful, the people loved the cultural and sports activities, rich residents and migrant workers spiritual and cultural life. (author: Zhang Yaning)

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