B Museum atmosphere livable Xining construction

As an important part of the city fair, the 2015 Xining real estate and home industry trade fair, will be held in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center B museum. The exhibition in the exhibition area of 7000 square meters of the exhibition area, will set the city’s famous real estate, highlighting livable Xining happy life, regional positioning, a comprehensive display of the pace of urban development in our city. September 12th, reporters for the public to visit this session of the housing fair highlights.

the housing purchase loans of a dragonKeywords:

according to exhibit introduce exhibition will set up a small community square model, and then placed in a few square play children showed a harmonious community, happy life scene. In the main exhibition hall, LED big screen will be a special feature film "Xining real estate development review and outlook". At the same time, will be placed around the four touch screen, the screen is divided into affordable housing, property management, housing property transactions, real estate market four. The various policies, regulations and procedures, the price of many details have been input to the electronic screen. People in the exhibition at the same time, by clicking on the electronic screen, all kinds of query processing, business process solutions.

– special offer real site signings promotions: 10 sets to 30 sets of residential housing by special offer to participate in this exhibition of the 12 real estate development enterprises each.

– lucky draw activities from arrived in the housing fund to participate in this exhibition of the 12 real estate development enterprises to provide the respective award amount.

at the scene opening promotion activities: part of the exhibitors will use real;

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