North meteorological community neighborhood committee issued a proposal to ask residents to particip

"your leisure is his treasure, you are welcome to take the leisure to participate in the first happy festival……" May 12th, the office of the Xining North Main Street North meteorological Lane neighborhood committee issued a proposal in the area, please residents to participate in the festival.


" there must be something in the home, not to look at the festival, for a change." Shi Xiuling, director of the community neighborhood committee, said the residents of the area, said Bai Yonglan. The same day, the community staff issued a letter of recommendation in the area, please change the material needs of the residents to participate in the festival on Saturday. Residents Zhao Ting saw the initiative after the book said: "great, I was worried about the home where to get those things go, and quickly go back to finishing, to participate in the festival." Zhao Ting home some of the old furniture, has been idle, she intends to change the day for some children’s toys.

Shi Xiuling said that such activities held in the community, in fact, advocate a green civilized habits, consumption patterns and values, is conducive to building a conservation oriented society.


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