Community health services in the north of the city continued to improve

in the north of the city to the community health service center as the pillar of the community health service station as a fulcrum, vigorously strengthen the community health services, community health services continue to improve the radiation. One is to create a national and provincial demonstration to carry out community health service activities as an opportunity to strengthen the community health service organization and management standardization construction, at present, the community health service center and health service station integrated management rate of 100%. Two is to accelerate the pace of community health services basic information. This year, a total of 225410 people set up health files, filing rate of up to 75.3%, of which, the electronic file input of 171000 people. Three is to increase the follow-up rate of chronic patients. The patients with hypertension, diabetes and psychosis were followed up for 96% years. In the first half, a total of 54 times to carry out health education seminars, the production of health education column in the 58 phase, blackboard newspaper in the 64 phase, the effectiveness of health education publicity.


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