East for the masses to solve problems and promote the effectiveness of the activities

In the east area and promote educational practice, adhere to learning while the investigation and reform, to solve the problem of Party members and cadres four winds and the masses are most concerned about the focus and difficult problems as the breakthrough point, continuous force, to highlight the effectiveness of the activities.

– Decentralization: the birth of 9 services to the community service center for unified handling, and management level of the centralized rectification. – illegal pornography. Through roller management, holiday inspection and other modes of monitoring mode, not to illegally built to stay alive. Pollution control. On the site of the dust control of the site to conduct a special inspection, non-compliance ordered to stop the rectification, the implementation of 24 hours of muck vehicle inspection. Stabilize prices. On the jurisdiction of 336 vegetables, cattle and sheep and other stalls accumulated grant funds of $937 thousand and 200; select 13 price supervisors to carry out price supervision. Build beautiful countryside. The implementation of Lin cliff, Lu Jia Zhuang, Zhuang village in the construction of 3 new green. Smooth traffic. In the coordination of the primary school gate, Kangle cross to build a footbridge.

– window service units carry out special rectification activities. Cadres and workers to carry out professional ethics, work processes and other training, focusing on the rectification of rigid attitude, low efficiency, lax discipline. The grass-roots organization of special rectification action. Focus on the weak and lax grassroots party organizations to focus on remediation, identified the 13 special rectification objects, classification and rectification. We carry out special rectification of financial discipline. Further standardize the three funds management and use, and resolutely rectify the outstanding problems in public consumption. We carry out special rectification is the wind Su ji. For the region’s party members and cadres in the work of the 5 aspects of discipline problems in the presence of the 39 issues, in the region to carry out serious work discipline, improve the ability to carry out special rectification activities. The grass-roots level to solve practical problems of the masses. Such as the demolition households Ma Shengzhong housing placement, 3 village gas installation, bus lines extending to the heshengyuan cell door, Yong Jun Xiang No. 34 hospital residents draft difficult problem solving and coordination etc..

* Mini lectures provided quality. Such as the Tibetan community garden breaks the organization of Party members take turns teaching with 4 Party propaganda team; district politics and Law Committee of Party branch and the audit bureau of Party branch to strengthen the effectiveness of "micro lectures". The party cohesion. Grassroots party organizations adhere to convene a monthly meeting of Party members, educational practice and the work carried out smoothly suggestions. Volunteer service image. To carry out a variety of forms, rich in content and convenience services, such as the Muslim Lane Community of sub sub services welcomed by the residents.  

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