Government pay to improve urban and rural labor skills

"the government, tailored training menu, job training for the city’s urban and rural labor, improve their employment skills," enter at the beginning of the year, the city will actively proceed through public bidding to buy social skills training institutions, service organizations, plans to invest about 13000000 yuan to carry out national employment skills training.

government subsidies skills training service project is a project involving the vital interests of the city’s urban and rural labor force, but also one of the major projects in the implementation of government procurement of public services. The total budget of 13 million 698 thousand yuan, involving a total of 12 professional training trips 7650. The Municipal Finance Bureau and the Municipal Social Welfare Bureau and other departments repeated communication, in-depth understanding of the procurement unit, carefully developed training menu, employment and skills training into the government centralized procurement catalog, in accordance with the integration of resources and training have focused on the content requirements, full supervision of the special social purchasing supervisor, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, audit and supervision department and through a competitive merit identified 12 social training institutions, to meet the social needs of the training organization for the relevant departments selection.


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