People concerned about the topic of the two sessions have the answer

2017 years, people on the tip of the tongue, how to protect?

2017 years, Xining people can enjoy the people’s livelihood spree?

2017 years, the people how to end employment "rice bowl"?


day, held a "NPC and CPPCC" attracted the attention of the people of Xining, in succession to this call the hotline, said in 2017 the expectation may new topic, therefore, the evening news reporter to sort out these issues, with a closely linked with people’s life hot spots, connecting the provincial people’s Congress and the relevant departments responsible person, looking for answers in the province of "people’s livelihood NPC and CPPCC".

(reporter Xiao Fang)

people concerned about the real estate development of new signal


] through the government work report in accordance with the "the house was used to live, not to stir the position, in accordance with the low-end security, in the end there is a market, high-end control" principle, to the inventory with the promotion of population urbanization organically, reasonable arrangements for the supply of land and real estate development layout, expand the canopy modified the monetized resettlement and the proportion of low-income housing to purchase on behalf of the building scale, focusing on commercial real estate inventory digestion, foster the development of housing rental market.

[connection] Xining housing security and Housing Authority


] Xining City Secretary answers the housing and Real Estate Management Bureau Jingfu

2017 year, Xining city housing security and the Housing Authority will take "four major requirements for solid" fundamental to follow, in accordance with the "four change" concept, to accelerate the "steady growth, to the inventory, improve people’s livelihood, risk prevention as the focus of the real estate industry supply side structural reforms, to ensure that the annual investment plan of comprehensive the implementation of real estate investment in 2017 to complete the task. In the big recruit, recruit strong business efforts to encourage Wanda, Biguiyuan group and other enterprises continue to expand their business, to carry out new project development and construction. Continue to promote the work of urban shanty towns and villages around the city, key projects, infrastructure construction, renovation of dilapidated buildings and other key areas of people’s livelihood, continue to promote urban penggai monetized resettlement, the purchase of commodity housing stock placement and other ways to bypass government monetary compensation, the purchase of commodity housing and residents self government, accelerate the shantytowns the work of resettlement, according to local conditions, improve the proportion of monetized resettlement shed.

cultivation and development of the housing rental market, guide the real estate development enterprises rent mode transformation from the traditional development and sales, to purchase, to encourage the development of enterprises to actively revitalize the idle commercial houses, office buildings, office buildings, industrial workshop, warehouse and other resources for rental. Encourage property services companies to carry out rental housing rental business on the basis of rental housing for unified management and maintenance. (reporter Fang Xu)

look forward to increasing the value of Xining

[through government work report] to carry out the three line four environmental remediation and greening action.

[connection department] Xining urban management administrative law enforcement;

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