Mass mobilization will be held in the provincial reform

10 13, provincial reform mobilization group will be held in Xining. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng specifically given instructions, pointed out that mass reform is a strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee, is a realistic need of mass organizations of self innovation and inevitable requirement. To promote the province cluster reform, to uphold the party’s leadership, adhere to the problem oriented, adhere to strengthen the grassroots. We should conscientiously implement the "four comprehensive" strategy and "four major solid" requirements, around the main line to maintain and enhance the political, advanced, the masses to promote the work, the organization of building a more vibrant and more powerful. Mass organizations should focus on the central task, consciously join in the construction of the "three zones", the actual effectiveness of the reform, enhance the ability to serve the people, to create a new situation of mass work, for building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai beautiful and make greater contributions. Provincial Party committee, the provincial reform office, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Ma Shunqing attended and spoke, vice governor Cheng Lihua chaired the meeting.

Ma Shunqing pointed out that it is necessary to unify their thinking, and strive to form a broad consensus on reform, reform initiative. The reform is to carry out mass concrete action to implement the central and provincial decision to deploy the enterprise cluster is the inevitable choice for healthy and sustainable development, is the need to further strengthen the work of the masses of the reality. The whole province must fully realize the mass reform of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance, from the ideological and political action, on the understanding of the reform, support reform, enthusiastically join in the reform.

Ma Shunqing stressed, should focus on key issues, the full completion of the objectives and tasks of the reform group. To increase the "three", a firm direction mass organization reform; to strengthen the "four modernizations", widely representative of the mass organization; stronger grassroots, long-term mechanism to improve the grass-roots level, the service of the masses; to promote innovation, improve the scientific level of mass work. He asked, to carefully organize the implementation, to ensure the smooth progress of reform and alliance. Adhere to the unified leadership of Party committees and government together, departments and leading cadres duty reform demonstration, mass work, strengthen organizational leadership, strict organizational discipline, pay attention to publicity and guidance, to ensure the orderly and successful reform group.

Cheng Lihua to implement the spirit of the meeting put forward specific requirements. Provincial Federation of trade unions, the provincial Party committee, the provincial women’s Federation, the provincial association responsible comrades made a statement.


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