Liaoning 45 Taiwan local self service terminal equipment make the tax more worry

tax in our life is that many companies need to do, but the complexity of the program makes a lot of people can not help but not stop, direct people waste a lot of time, so the first in Liaoning province for the city’s taxpayers open modern self-help tax service hall opened, the self-help service hall is located in Shenhe District Local Taxation Bureau, equipped with 45 the local self service terminal equipment, can apply for permits user authorization, tax information, modify the digital certificate binding, online payment, tax vouchers, tax invoice and receive invoices online application online application of the business.

Shenhe Local Taxation Bureau, said Wang Zhiguo, chief of the division, the self-service office in the working hours will be arranged for staff to provide ancillary services, the function can cover all the land tax terminal

Liaoning 45 Taiwan local self service terminal equipment put into use, after the US taxpayer in the tax will be more convenient, and the relevant departments also reduced the input of human resource, this is a typical use of scientific and technological development. The self-help service hall is realized through the city to do a major feature, such as business taxpayers in Tiexi, but for the tax business accounting personnel who live in Shenhe, you can in your work when passing in Shenhe to apply for the cafeteria, saving time and effort.

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