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people go to Beijing to play, they want to be able to stay in the courtyard with local characteristics and Hutong, so you can feel more local cultural connotations. The famous Hutong three thousand and six hundred, nameless alley race ox hair. The twists and turns of the alley, hidden in the old city of Beijing style, also attracted many foreign tourists bag check.

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from the crowded Nanluogu Lane into the east side of the narrow alley, suddenly become quiet. The end of the alley to hide a considerable artistic home inn, windows, small Menlianer, some cats strolling in the doorway.

"8 rooms , even my own room are set to the guests, I can only play on the floor." The shopkeeper is a young girl, she has been admitted to the guests, while giving reporters a card: 520 yuan a room, the next WeChat can be ordered, preferably in advance of ten days."

not far away, another home inn is directly at the door hung on the small blackboard with chalk writing: room is .

hard to find a room is not limited to Nanluogu Lane. Reporters in several well-known short rental website search found, Houhai, Xidan, Wangfujing and other places of GUI street, alley, courtyard, have price from two hundred or three hundred yuan to several thousand dollars.

currently has a total of more than 4 thousand Beijing city courtyard. With the "B & B" which is a popular form of sharing economy, in recent years, a lot of old Beijing out of their idle courtyard, into the reception room of visitors. A tourist season, even more popular than the regular hotel.

in Beijing, people will be able to feel the perfect blend of modern and historical atmosphere, to bring more people breath. Unique personality, reasonable price, but also allows visitors to experience the enthusiasm of old Beijing. However, the family opened the hotel like regular alley Hostel, fire protection, security facilities have qualified?

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