Boudoir secret underwear joining to create wealth in life all common

underwear selection, is to choose a good project. How about the boudoir Peru underwear? Healthy underwear. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the boudoir Peru underwear project, is very powerful choice!

at present, the boudoir Peru underwear brand is to expand the domestic market, want to invite national open lingerie shop investors. To join the boudoir Peru underwear brand distribution franchisee, you will have the following advantages:

and support

product advantages: the boudoir Peru is the first domestic underwear brand has seven breathing, breathing and no rims underwear underwear series products, healthy and comfortable underwear products by consumers, and popular products in the market price is very superior, the boudoir Peru’s in various regions of the country’s more than 1 thousand and 800 stores profit has been verified the girl’s secret underwear products by the market acceptance. In addition, the boudoir Peru has two factories in Shantou and Dongguan, the production of underwear, underwear products output reached 15 million, a strong ability to guarantee the supply of underwear production, distribution franchisee do not have to worry about the insufficient supply of products thus affecting sales.

: in addition to the dealer channel advantages of their management offline channels, the construction of the boudoir Peru’s O2O micro mall platform in 2015 to spend, this is the online interactive business platform between the realization of a boudoir Peru brand dealers, franchisees and consumers of the three. Consumers through the WeChat attention boudoir Peru underwear brand micro mall, to understand the specific information of all kinds of boudoir Peru all kinds of underwear products, and to love the underwear product orders, micro mall operators will order information feedback to consumers under the orders the boudoir Peru underwear brand store consumer, store up and start sending. Consumers can also get to the nearest boudoir Peru underwear brand store to buy the product experience. While the boudoir Peru underwear brand dealers can through the boudoir Peru underwear brand micro mall opened free micro business marketing platform, build up their own group of fans, their own independent sales products.

: financial support under the premise of the distribution franchisee customers in accordance with the relevant policy standards, will store the boudoir Peru rent, the distribution franchisee store decoration, goods purchase etc. to give financial subsidies to support, to help the distribution franchisee to reduce investment costs, reduce operating pressure, make the distribution franchisee to have more capital into their daily operation.

successful venture, you choose to join the underwear market! Boudoir secret underwear to join the project, Hotline for Business Promotion in. If you join in the boudoir Peru underwear project, is also very interested, welcome your consultation message!

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