Mount Huangshan Airport nspection a liquid bomb was cheating tools

What is the

liquid bomb? Maybe a lot of people are curious, in Huangshan City, some people see a liquid bomb. The day before, Mount Huangshan airport security department seized on a bottle of mineral water, used in electronic Gambling cheating, because the shape of "liquid bomb", once caused the airport security and public security departments on high alert.

, according to the airport security department, at 16:20 on March 21st Xu, screeners in Foshan to go to the KN5889 flight passengers to carry out security checks, found a male passenger bag inside a bottle of mineral water. After careful examination, the bottle has a battery coil and other items, such as homemade electronic equipment.

while looking at the entire mineral water bottle, it looks like a liquid bomb". This makes the atmosphere suddenly tense up, security personnel immediately launched an emergency plan to deal with, and the male passenger belongings, clothing for strict inspection, but did not find other suspicious objects. Immediately, the airport security will be handed over to the airport public security departments.

the investigation: the passenger Zhao Department of Guangxi people working in Guangdong, Tiandong, Dongguan. Zhao said this bottle of mineral water is someone else to give him, the police for other questions, are avoided without answering. At this point, another police found some clues, doubt that the goods are likely to be a kind of gambling with a peeping cheat. After consulting experts, the police carey opened the bottle of mineral water, and found that there are circuit boards, batteries, coils, micro cameras and other items, so far ruled out the possibility of the explosives.

Mount Huangshan airport is one of the famous airports in Anhui Province, many people are through the Mount Huangshan airport, to bring more people to protect and win recognition. Zhao in conjunction with a large number of mobile phones filled with underground Liuhe color, gambling and other information, the airport police concluded that this should be a tool for gambling cheating. In the face of conclusive evidence, Zhao finally admitted that the goods are bought on the Internet for gambling cheating.

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