Hospitality supermarket management of the whole

now many people choose to open a supermarket, however, how to operate the supermarket? Every investor has his own opinion. I in the supermarket in the daily operation, summed up some effective hospitality, it makes me a tiger with wings added in supermarket operation, "repeat" increasing. Here I would like to say that I am in the daily operation of the supermarket in the hospitality of the road.

first, smiling hospitality is a must. Don’t look down upon this humble smile, laugh and not laugh, really very important. It reflects your attitude towards customers, is kind, warm? Or indifferent, does not matter? A friendly smile, you will be able to narrow the distance between you and the customer, so that customers have a kind of natural and feel at home, which can be more effective than spending money on advertising.

secondly, on the customer’s address, I intend to lower myself, to raise the other side. To visit customers who do business, regardless of business size, I will call each other "boss", the identity of each other to raise; a little older than themselves, I call each other "aunt or uncle" in Beifen on elevation of each other; and my age, I have known as "brother, sister, the etiquette to raise each other, etc.. In a word, to reduce their own, raise each other, with respect to each other, let him feel you on his "sit up and take notice", he will naturally return — "often denggui treasure shop".

finally, to know how often empathy, care more for the sake of customers. For example, sometimes the store a lot of customers, queuing, I do not come back for a while. I will smile to the customer waiting for the shopping, holding an apology, said: "please wait a moment! Please go to the reading corner to have a rest, drink water or read a newspaper and browse the magazine. I set up a "reading corner" in the shop, put on some of the day’s newspapers and a few life magazine, dedicated to customers waiting in line to browse, browse. In this way, waiting is no longer so long, boring and annoying to the customer.

actually, in the end should treat the customer, in fact, as we treat the child, you are good to him, he will be good to you. Sometimes the customer wants the child, you kiss him, he kisses you, you treat him well, he is good to you. Therefore, how to entertain the guests in the retail business is very critical and important, learning and summing up a set of good hospitality experience in sales can often play a multiplier effect.

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