The business of the whole Jia Guizhen

in the retail market, someone’s business has done a very long history, and some people’s business in a short period of time to end in failure. If the business can do so long, it is natural to have some business skills. Jia Guizhen is so, by virtue of their own business, the business is done fast.

My name is Jia Guizhen

, Shanxian County Province, Heze city Shandong a cigarette retailers, engaged in cigarette business has been sixteen years, and now only sell cigarettes per month 1000 yuan income, business is getting better and better, I talk about their own business management, and we share.

law-abiding, integrity management

years I always uphold the integrity of management, from the sales of counterfeit cigarettes, I only sell tobacco companies sent smoke, even relatives and friends sent me to sell cigarettes I have declined, always play an exemplary role, therefore, the store was a tobacco companies awarded the "integrity of the image store" title, in the minds of customers establish a good image. Many customers come here to sell cigarettes, I said, I am not in order to save money, but the figure at ease, which let me know the truth of the integrity of business.

change the concept, conform to the situation

should properly control the customer’s consumption rhythm, now customers on some tight strong dependence on tobacco smoke, but it can not meet the demand of consumer, customers have to seize the heart, a man once bought a few, but I found that this phenomenon is not good, because these customers once y meet the demand, the number of less frequented the chance to buy other goods is small, and is not conducive to the cultivation of new customers, new customers first visit, found that he did not demand cannot be satisfied, will produce disappointment, after no longer come in. I immediately change the way of thinking, the tight smoke to hide, put on the counter zero box, establishment and old customers feelings, strongly recommend other brands, but also can further draw new customers, but also to promote the sales of other products, it yijuduode.

store clean, improve the image of

every day I opened the door early, first of all, the difference between the cigarette counter clean, neatly placed cigarettes, cigarette display is also not regularly change the style. Only to ensure that the store clean, clean, generous, beautiful, in order to create a good store image, improve consumer turnover. I also pay special attention to the new brand of cigarette and a kind of work, improve the new brand of cigarette sample rate, and gradually expand the new brand of cigarette sales, now I run the brand has reached more than and 50, which can meet the customers different levels of consumer demand.

the customer, deal with

since I opened the shop, I always insist that there are no customers

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