The relevant departments of Xi’an strict regulation of the phenomenon of illegal charges net

charges, in many schools have emerged, relevant departments of Xi’an City, the focus on the phenomenon of arbitrary charges, in the past 5 years, Xi’an governance Jiaoyuluanshoufei achieved remarkable success, the masses was decreased, the growth of vine charges schools, kindergarten education extension momentum has been significantly curbed.

according to reports, the past 5 years, the Xi’an Municipal Education Bureau received a complaint charging mass education by 2012 of 512 to 2016 straight down 159 times.

City Education Bureau received reply Jiaoyuluanshoufei complaints 1670 times, the municipal authorities interviewed campus 24 batches of more than 900 passengers, handling violations of 114 schools, the responsibility of handling personnel 42, 30 schools were criticized, repaying the illegal funds received 7 million 143 thousand and 600 yuan. The city’s primary and secondary schools, kindergarten education charges to spread the momentum of development has been significantly curbed.

according to reports, Xi’an will continue to strictly enforce the 9 responsibility provisions of arbitrary charges governance of education in 2013 the municipal government issued this year, the school and the relevant persons responsible for illegal charges, immediately remove the principal position, and hold the principal and the relevant responsible persons of the party and government responsibility, if the circumstances are serious violations promptly transferred to judicial organs. The implementation of educational fees, "one vote veto" cancel illegal charges and related responsible persons school year or the following year promotion of appraised awards, titles selected for qualification.

if some schools in Xi’an can not do the charges transparent, will make many parents dissatisfied. Xi’an City Education Bureau and the County Department of education, and under the jurisdiction of the school signed letters of responsibility for education management fees, education, rectification and price departments regularly interviewed hot school campus, and do the school fees policy publicity and supervision and inspection work.

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