Diao Siteng pepper Malatang joined in support of what

as a snack in the famous food and beverage brand project hot and spicy, in the market has always been a very high popularity, in our lives, whether it is the business district or the surrounding schools, spicy everywhere. On the market there are many brands of spicy spicy pepper, Diao Siteng as a leader in the industry, easily won the praise of the industry, the delicious spicy also help the franchisee easy profit, laid the foundation for the market. So Siteng spicy pepper Diao how? If you join the brand, the headquarters will give franchisees what support?

mainly has the following several aspects:


project contract period: Diao Siteng pepper Mala franchisee selection, investment ability and investment awareness and market investigation, evaluation, site inspection, contract negotiation, reception project contract, to the money, pre positioning analysis, transfer coordination meeting;


project preparatory period: Market Research, positioning analysis, join plan, decoration design guidance, personnel configuration, the opening of the countdown, recruit training and Recruitment Scheme arrangements, materials planning, tracking, compensation payments, practice planning, financial system, performance management, menu planning, opening the program, in coordination, open shop organization;

shop in the operating period: agent Siteng Malatang Diao pepper, headquarters management data of the store management team analysis and guidance, store customer feedback collection and management plan adjustment, the monthly management guidance, to shop in the end of the operating period, acceptance of project management (project manager to store data as the standard), the operating period archive;

The follow-up period:

project supervision continued operating data analysis guidance, support, supervision business quarter to store business planning activities and holiday rated remote guidance, material order tracking, invited independent project guidance, project management of new products to promote new system; establish daily franchisee business archives and archives service supervision;

Through the analysis of

, can know that this is a good brand, so much support to franchisees to join on the peace of mind, just need to do store business can be other problems, do not need to worry about, is a franchisee convenient franchise brand


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