Beijing roast duck can join you know

what are some of the delicious food in Beijing? What snacks make you think of it, it must not be crispy roast duck. People who didn’t eat roast duck in Beijing were embarrassed to say that he had been to Beijing. The visibility of the remarkable crispy Roasted Duck, but is worried, only to go to Beijing to eat this delicious, but not let outsiders drool with envy it, life is a pity ah.

but Xiaobian to tell you is, 2016, the world famous Beijing crispy Roasted Duck coming to your side, do not have to queue, reservation and wait no longer time-consuming remote carry, do not need expensive price for their home, the true age of Beijing Roast Duck brand shop has come to eat! Authentic Beijing Roast Duck at home can enjoy the delicious! From the truth! Let entrepreneurs to invest the money


color Hongyan, tender meat, taste mellow, fat but not greasy, taste crisp and tender, fragrant entrance odd…… Beijing Roasted Duck joined Wurenbuxiao, crispy without love, Quanjude for business Beijing Roast Duck worldwide, becoming the first listed company, thus Beijing Roast Duck infinite charm! Visit the Great Wall, eat, drink Erguotou Roasted Duck, three of Beijing’s experience too wonderful for words. Deeply rooted in the imperial delicious, whether it is the old Beijing or the field of diners, enthusiasts are always full of passion, such as a. We are full of praise: "super delicious" but not in the capital of the 1 billion 300 million people are looking forward to, want to eat fresh Beijing Roast Duck at home can! The new Chinese after the establishment of Beijing crispy Roasted Duck reputation more world famous grow with each passing day. Premier Zhou is said to appreciate and pay attention to this famous dish, dinner guests, taste roast duck. In order to meet the needs of social development, and the operation of more than roast duck shop with modern flavor, more cherish.

Beijing Roasted Duck crispy roasted, clear furnace (i.e. hanging furnace) and two stew furnace. Feature is the use of the hung oven roasting, it is hanging furnace method from the Qing imperial court room specially roasted suckling pig transplant. The roast crispy duck, the surface shiny golden color, crisp outside and tender, don’t have a special delicious flavor. Roasted Duck while eating, is the first to be cut into thin knife, with good baking Lotus-Leaf-Shaped Pancake coated with sauce, then put onion, mashed garlic, Roasted Duck tablets volume and eat, very delicious. Can also be eaten with a leather bag. If you are free, you can also go to Beijing Quanjude taste!

crispy roast duck to join the advantages of

1. ancestral secret recipe, unique taste.

advanced pickling and marinating technology, combined with modern technology, traditional Chinese medicine soup, a special package plus a tonic effect on the one hand, on the other hand, the more concentrated flavor. Sweet but not greasy, crisp and refreshing, very memorable "to eat the taste, View >

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