College students need to look at the three skills shop

in today’s society, college students entrepreneurship has become very common, and there are a lot of students due to the increasing employment pressure, from out of school, go to business at the beginning of consideration, while the majority of college students need to master some skills before the start.

1. make full mental preparation

2. choose a suitable for their own industry

for entrepreneurs, industry selection is crucial. The industry is the most important choice for their own good or understand. Many entrepreneurs only choose to make money in the industry, but do not consider whether suitable for their own. In fact, any industry also have a loss of business, the decision is the result of their own factors in the industry has a core advantage, including experience, resources, technology, etc.. In order to make their own advantage in the business sector, entrepreneurs on the one hand to the former entrepreneurs through practice accumulation, training the way of learning professional skills to find the industry has many years of experience on the other hand, the expert consultation to understand the situation and seek cooperation. At the same time, the business of the industry or projects, entrepreneurs must do a good job in the early market research, can not take it for granted that the market outlook is good, it began to act.

3. set up a good team

the partner must have to have the courage to play to do or to engage in marketing management. Such cooperation in order to minimize the gem of the short board. And start-ups will mostly use family management, so easy to mobilize the people’s enthusiasm for work, but must be based on the actual situation of enterprises, to develop simple and easy rules and regulations as the basis of management, so that enterprises can be recommended

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