Analysis of strategies to promote enterprise cooperation

how can we promote cooperation between enterprises? Cooperation between enterprises is often able to maximize the value of. There are a lot of internal and external factors to promote the cooperation of enterprises, maybe a smile, a nod, can play a great benefit. The potential of something is beyond measure!

The first kind of

. Gandhi once said: " if it is to punish to do one thing, rather than to improve it, do not do it. This is a good medicine, but not many people, I am afraid that some people rely too much on their own hatred to achieve the purpose of it, they have to alert, to stay a mind. " the need to participate in the cooperation of the parties involved in the good will, and actively create space for the benefit of all parties. For those who are only concerned about the " they win, regardless of others lose " it is difficult to establish long-term cooperative relationship with others.

Second, retribution. It is not enough to promote cooperation only good will, but also must have the inherent strength of support. No punishment for evil deeds, is difficult to reproduce; retribution existence, can make to covenant breaker did not dare to act rashly. More than 2400 years ago, the Greek historian Thucydides pointed out that " the standard of justice depends on power. Strong do whatever they want, the weak passive acceptance. " it is good for both the individual and the society if the strong can lead and promote the overall cooperation with good intentions.

Third, tolerance. In the promotion of cooperation in the process of cooperation, good to initiate action, can prevent the retribution of treachery, tolerance can be to let go, the original object of misunderstanding or non cooperative partners back into effect. In general, the retribution as to enhance their power, with the help of instinct can play and appear inadvertently, and good tolerance is benign and overcome by physical intelligence instinct is reached, it depends on the individual continue practicing perseverance. In February 11, 1990, the South African authorities under the pressure of public opinion at home and abroad, was forced to release Nelson.

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