Guangdong men’s half ton of money to buy a car 80 thousand yuan in cash the highest denomination of

Guangdong, Zhanjiang, a man drove a car loaded with half a ton of money to buy a car in the 4S shop, so that employees in the store was scared silly. The largest denomination of these notes is only one yuan, with a total value of about 80 thousand yuan.

11 PM, Zhanjiang citizen Mr. Cai drove a truck full of cash to the 4S shop, on the spot for the purchase of a van, the store sales are instantly collective dumbfounded. "I’ve never seen so much money in my life." Sales Manager Gu Liyuan laments. With the help of several assistants, Mr. Cai moved the more than and 10 boxes of money to the store one by one. The "money" with a rope tied to the batch, there are 1 angles and 2 angles and 5 angle, the largest denomination is 1 yuan, in addition to batch of big and small coins, a total of about 80 thousand yuan, the entire store exudes the smell of money".

when Mr. Cai carrying these "unpopular" change came to the 4S shop to ask after buying the car, the shop in shock, or bite the bullet and accept this huge sum of money". Subsequently, 4S shop put a number of tables and chairs, mobilize 13 employees into battle, the number of money". To complete the whole number of money, it is estimated to take more than 10 hours. "Mr. Cai is an old customer, he has bought 4 cars in us, at this time we have to help him solve the problem." 4S store general manager Yang Huai said, after receiving the money, we intend to communicate with the bank in the name of the company to negotiate, as far as possible to save money. If it doesn’t work, we have to digest it internally."

with change, they after years of washing, today finally came back, play more than light heat!

according to the "People’s Republic of China yuan management regulations", the RMB is China’s currency, the RMB payment in all public and private debt, any unit can not be rejected. The Ordinance also provides zero deposit business belongs to the Commercial Bank of the statutory services, shall not be rejected for any reason. There are bank insiders suggested that commercial banks in the handling of a large number of small deposits or cash

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