Anhui researchers does poineering work from retreat

does poineering work from now seems to have become a popular social vocabulary in many city has a number of professional and technical personnel for business or entrepreneurial researchers provide convenience, they are allowed to undergo entrepreneurship.

post entrepreneurs not "no retreat"

During the

The students are reading

of college graduates founded initial science and technology, modern service Small and micro businesses, will give a one-time subsidy of $5000-10000.

the province will vigorously support the network business, network business personnel will also enjoy a variety of benefits".

"opinions", the network business personnel by the industrial and commercial registration, enjoy the equal employment support policies. No network business personnel of industrial and commercial registration, can be identified as flexible employment, enjoy flexible employment support policies, which in the network entrepreneurs network platform for real name registration, stable operation and a good reputation, can enjoy business loans and discount policy according to the provisions.

The employment problem of

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