During the world cup night economy hot

summer, barbecue shops, food stalls and other night economy has been very hot, these days the world cup is to increase the popularity of such shops. Over the past more than and 10 days, many businesses along the world cup schedule has been extended to the next morning business hours, the night economy is deeper and deeper.

however, reporter survey found that, like bar, KTV night economy leading performance in the world cup is not expected, but convenience stores, food stalls without a fire. Why? Brazil world cup is too late, many people still choose to go home to see the ball, that night economy "night economy" business ideas also changed.

"sorry rooms full, then look is not scattered taiwan." 23 evening, Xiao Li in Beijing street a barbecue shop workers on the phone reservation guests answer. Since the beginning of the world cup, more than 11 people every night to eat barbecue on the special, are waiting to see the ball, almost every day full." Li told reporters. In the vicinity of Taiyuan street, a lot of barbecue shop is so hot.

This grill

bar as expected is hot, a reporter visited the city a number of bars and lounges, generally reflect the business volume increased by about 20% than usual, popularity is just passable.

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