Henan’s new economic development initiatives to integrate the development of the nternet and the de

with the advent of the mobile Internet era, all aspects of our lives have begun to change, but no matter how the development of the times, our manufacturing sector is still the foundation of our economy. China is now building the world’s largest database of roadheader, and built the service industry "TBM leasing network"; Chinese Yituo, large and medium-sized tractor leader, to create a "Internet plus agricultural + agricultural platform constitute the whole supply chain service model, through information technology to develop new industrial chain implantation and business model.

emerging converged companies continue to emerge. In September 24th, Henan held a "double" fresh & easy controlling the outcome of the conference, this day last year, Premier Li Keqiang to visit the company, people praise fresh & easy "Internet plus" "hit" the four". One year old fresh easy energy transfer from a tall tree, a forest of wisdom, to create a fresh supply chain ecosystem, the integration of online and offline platform, fresh and easy daily fresh cold chain mall, vest, temperature control of supply chain, driven by more than 3200 employees to participate in Entrepreneurship and innovation, new more than and 800 Small and micro businesses to join the ecological circle. Transformation and upgrading of enterprises from processing and manufacturing to service industries, platform enterprises and ecological enterprises.

fresh achievements of the province is actively promoting the development of manufacturing and Internet integration microcosm. As an emerging industry in Henan Province, has on behalf of the provincial government to accelerate the introduction of Chinese manufacturing 2025 Henan platform for action information to promote the "four modernizations" synchronous development ideas, and implement special action plan, integration of informationization and industrialization depth (2014 – 2018), the use of special funds, special funds for the development of information technology, the development of advanced manufacturing, give support for the integration of the two key technology development and industrialization, public service platform, pilot demonstration projects, the cumulative support project 189, the total amount of more than 170 million yuan, has played an important role of guidance and support.

industry level of integration of two continue to improve. Focus on electronic information, equipment manufacturing, automobile and spare parts, food, bio medicine, energy saving and environmental protection and other 14 key industries, with the integration of the two provincial demonstration enterprises, intelligent manufacturing pilot for the lead, promote information technology in the application of traditional industrial enterprises, the province’s Industrial Enterprises above the scale of the enterprise resource planning, manufacturing execution, product life cycle management, supply chain management and other key information system coverage reached 47%, 26%, 20%, 20%, CNC equipment production rate reached 42%. 2014 – 2016 a total of 52 companies were identified as the national integration management system of the two pilot enterprises.

regional integration of two deepening. Zhengzhou in April 2011 was included in the national two integration test area, high standards to complete the task of building a pilot. In the industrial agglomeration level identified 25 provinces of the integration of the two pilot areas, the focus of public information gathering area

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