What equipment is needed to set up a photographic studio

photography is closely related to our lives, if you have the skills in this area, would like to start their own business, then you can choose to open a photography studio, which specific investment? If you are not sure you can look at the collation of the relevant information, hoping to help you.

need not storefront, four or five individuals can open up a photographic studio. Many interviewed boss said the initial start 100 thousand yuan can be.

Low cost, low risk

printers: EPSON or HP


three camera tripod

purikura camera: Pat music (I don’t quite understand this, you look at the

basic equipment: 3-4 lights, camera, LED flashing lights (as the camera and lighting and decide whether to), background cloth, props, the physical background, this is a basic equipment of


open a studio specific investment that you also recommend

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