How to open a small hotel can make money

a lot of people start their own business from the beginning of the small, the vast majority of people are from the food and beverage industry started, if the operation of a small restaurant how to operate it? If you decided to open a restaurant, immediately come up with new question: what kind of restaurant? What size and grade? How much investment? How to return? There will be much risk? Or to learn about the experience of success.

correct and visionary location

Zhu family lives in Xhenzhuang, there are 4 kilometers away from the subway station, had wanted to open a small restaurant, in the subway station and next to the location of the neighborhood hesitant. Ms. Zhu decided to check out the location, the number of hotels in different periods were to take their family to different places to eat on. The results show that: the small hotel next to the subway rents high customer stability, easy to make the characteristics. The most critical thing is that the majority of young people living in Xhenzhuang, often out of the subway is more than 7 in the evening, this time next to the characteristics of the small restaurant is the best choice of these people eat better.

district next to it, a large amount of cheap rent, but tourists in general, the most critical thing is only a few days before the weekend may be a little business. Miss Zhu can be put in place, to the rest of the day, he must be like to buy a little food on the market to eat to the family, rarely patronize the hotel. Look at the existing residential hotel, most of the business is not followed, the price is high, the vicious cycle of quality decline. Want to know after Ms. Zhu saw an opportunity in the subway set off a small restaurant features, less than a year, the business is on track, to recover the investment and start making money.

open a house to make money can really be a small restaurant is a real thing, not only in their own shop can not mind the food package, to go after the cost of the plane can also create a stable value. How to open a restaurant with financial resources, the success of the experience is: choose the potential of the lot.

realistic creative selling point

eyeball economy era, a good hotel to attract popularity is the key point is to have a good idea and selling points. It is said that one year Kissinger visited Saudi Arabia, went to a restaurant to eat, and later the restaurant hype, the restaurant had received U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Kissinger, fame. Later, Kissinger once again came to Saudi Arabia, want to go to another restaurant, because it is the feast day, the restaurant refused Kissinger requirements. The restaurant is also hyped, "the restaurant refused Kissinger’s dining requirements". People think that the restaurant is really cattle, even the Americans dare to offend, the results are also famous.

Shanghai has a lot of theme restaurants make people cannot read: a dish of boiled Flammulina also sold 80 yuan, which is a person to eat, screaming at each other play features and selling points; on the contrary some high quality and inexpensive home cooking is also common. Now more and more people eat just to eat, but eat taste, eat the recommended grade

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