How to operate and manage building materials store

now society, the real estate industry development, at the same time there are a lot of people pay attention to the decoration of the popular market, started in the building materials industry, building materials industry in the annual market demand is very large, so rich and good prospects.

the decoration budget is very important also, dealers in store decoration at the beginning should be carefully determined will store decoration budget. The decoration budget should be carefully analyzed to calculate the results, including the area, store decoration stores operated by the link by the application of the building materials product quantity, the use of the product in the market price.

to run a good building materials stores, in addition to have a certain financial strength and good sales skills, the key point is to grasp the purchase link, and be careful of the cards in the purchase link, so how to make the purchase link to become strong backing store sales


the first operation in the course of business stores, stores in to try selling this link, so the purchase in the store to purchase the number initially permitted to handle. How to open a building materials store? The first purchase best not too much, resulting in a backlog, when the first purchase can choose several products for their own products through the main stores operating summed up in the sales process in the subsequent.

To purchase and store

combined positioning

find the product source to reduce the purchase cost of

in the purchase process of building products, try to find the recommended

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