What do you need to open a lottery ticket


said the profit of the lottery station, the market is also very popular in the current market, leading to a lot of entrepreneurs want to open a related lottery station. However, if you want to open a shop like this still need to meet the relevant conditions. So what does it take to open a lottery ticket?

first of all, you need to go to the city’s lottery center to consult whether there are any remaining machine outsourcing.

lottery betting station is the need to buy your own machine, that is to say you have to buy his machine to open, the price of 3000-5000 yuan / taiwan.

when you learn that the lottery center has the rest of the machine you can rent a house, and then take the house lease contract to do a license to buy lottery machines.

opening, the need to advance the deposit machine, generally at least about 10 thousand. This pre deposit, in fact, is your daily lottery cash income is not turned over, from your deposit in the mouth. For example, if you save 10 thousand dollars, you can sell 5000 tickets, and you can keep the money yourself.

each lottery about 10%-30% of profits, a 3, 5 cents it, not the same everywhere.

is different from the general store, if you want to win the lottery, it is also necessary to have a professional machine, which is the basis for the successful operation of the store. So, if you come to open a lottery station, above the conditions you need to meet?

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