Living Buddha inquiry system online can be found in the future living Buddha

China’s latest Tibetan living Buddha inquiry system recently launched the first batch of 870 living Buddha information, the future can be found in the online living Buddha true and false identity, to avoid someone posing as living Buddha to deceive the masses.

18, the Tibetan Buddhist living Buddha query system formally launched. This set of online query system, the first batch of 870 published in the territory of the living Buddha information, is the first time the identity of the domestic religious staff to achieve Internet information inquiry. At present, the system has been in the Chinese Buddhist Association website, the State Bureau of religious affairs website and China Tibet network synchronization.

"as a living Buddha, I feel very happy." In the query system for on-line conference, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Tibet, China Xiao Deng si the seventh Zhukang Buddha Zhukang · Tu Deng said the on-line query system of diclazuril, is an important measure to promote the Buddhist Association of China religious educational public, to further standardize the reincarnation affairs. In recent years, some people in the mainland and the Tibetan living Buddha posing as a trickster, damage the interests of the masses of believers, destruction of Tibetan Buddhism and the Buddha group’s reputation. Now the Buddha inquiry system, true Buddha out know, helps to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Tibetan Buddhism, also helps to enhance the community understanding of Tibetan Buddhism and the Buddha group.

according to the Buddhist Association of China, Tibetan Buddhism Buddha query system can be used in computer and mobile phone system, announced the 8 information within the living Buddha according to religious rituals and historical custom identification, approved by the government, are the photos, name, name and name, date of birth, Buddha sects, card number and location the photos are marked by the temple, the Buddhist Association of China watermark to prevent theft. At present, Sichuan Ganzi, ABA and Muli County Living Buddha information is checked, will also be released in the system in the near future. Reincarnation of living Buddha information will also be timely income database, to achieve every living Buddha can query.

the reincarnation of living Buddhas of Tibetan Buddhism is a unique heritage system, produced in thirteenth Century, has formed a set of strict religious ritual and historical custom. In 2010, the Chinese Buddhist Association began to produce Tibetan Buddhist living Buddha card. At present, most of the living Buddha according to religious rituals and historical custom identification, approved by the government have received certificates.

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