What are the principles of restaurant location

a correct location, the factors to be considered very much, after all, a good location for shops in the business of long-term development is very important. Moreover, the restaurant location to consider the surrounding environment and dining objects, these are very important. Only consider the mature, can determine the relevant decoration grades, the content of the business, the price of dishes, business hours, etc.. In fact, there are some principles of the restaurant location as a reference, only to comply with the relevant principles, will allow the restaurant business to get better development. So, what are the principles of restaurant location?

1. principle of

can refer to, open to a comprehensive analysis of their current strength of the various restaurant, such as financial status, interpersonal relationship, status, experience, business reputation and the ability to integrate resources. Like a lot of franchisees, dining experience is almost zero, it is necessary to remind them, do not win only do not lose business.

2. close to the central business center principle

business activities have extended effect, once a business center, the layout of the enterprise in its vicinity will be profitable. The central business center has a great degree of prosperity, is the center of city people, logistics, capital flow, is the focus of urban business activities. In the vicinity of the business center to obtain a place in the restaurant business, can make a big profit.

3. approach to purchasing power

The operating profit of

commercial enterprises is based on the purchasing power of target customers. Generally speaking, catering enterprises exist, is to serve some target consumer groups as the premise, here is a very popular saying: do not want to explain what people earn money, or what people did not earn money. Minimum number of target consumer groups and maintain a restaurant necessary for survival of the restaurant is called "the population threshold", so we must consider the population density and population in the area of the site, the population is the basic factors of purchasing power, purchasing power level depends on the income of the consumers, the propensity to consume and the restaurant provide the product structure, quality, service and price.

4. shortest time principle

restaurant should be located between the target consumer is the most convenient passenger distribution areas, such as the central business district, station pier, residential entrance, school, theater surrounding commercial street or delicacy street, we usually think of to walk 10 to 20 minutes or 30 minutes to reach the traveling dining hall is ideal.

The principle of

5. accessibility

consider the accessibility principle of the main passenger line of action. Product and service quality in the restaurant

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