Representatives from all walks of life to participate in the new era of network economy entrepreneur

today, the network economy has become a new industrial model, creating a huge profit. In the new era of network economy, the traditional business model is no longer applicable.

2016 in January 13th, by the Peking University Institute of communication and culture, "Internet +" platform support, gold billion investment holdings group hosted the new network economy era of entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference "was held at the Diaoyutai State Guest House. Vice chairman of the Eleventh CPPCC National Committee Bai Lichen, the famous economist Mao Yushi, former vice chairman of the National Federation Cheng Lu, deputy director of the Ministry of Electronic Science and Technology Commission Zhang Qi, National Defense University Professor Joe Liang general, central guard bureau deputy director general Zhou Dongsheng, former deputy editor in chief of CCTV Zhang Huashan, Peking University communication and Cultural Research Institute, Professor Gong Wenxiang, the gold billion investment holdings group Song Chengkun and other leaders attending the activities.

"innovation" for the new era of network economy topic, famous contemporary economist Mao Yushi expressed an opinion in the Congress scene. He said that China’s economy is the biggest problem is the GDP growth rate continues to decline, although the total amount of wealth is still growing, but the growth rate is getting slower and slower. Faced with such a severe form, the state has put forward a series of measures, but there must be a big shift in strategy, rather than a small change can be solved, the state must solve the problem of excess capacity. He also said: the enterprise is the enterprise, the enterprise is to make money, to allow enterprises to become a real enterprise, in the face of the current severe economic situation, there must be a big ideological emancipation."

2016 the development of the Internet economy, the development of Internet banking, we must first solve the problem of security, to achieve financial security. China’s economy has a downward trend, but China’s economy is still in the normal range of overall operation. But in this grim situation, "Internet plus" is the highlight of innovation and entrepreneurship is a bright spot in the Internet, we stand in the world the first square, we are not backward in any country, should be recommended through the Internet platform

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