T orange founder of a female entrepreneurial story

each person’s entrepreneurial road, will not be smooth, smooth sailing, twists and turns inevitable. This is in the seven km above the altitude of Guangzhou to Beijing on the plane, should be invited to share "IT Haichun, orange and everyone".

2013 feeling: This is an entrepreneurial company from 0 to 1 in the course of course, is a small team of 4 people working hard, is a period for the ideal road again, tired and happy of course, um, is a female entrepreneurial story. Why does

> many venture capital circle of friends, I know from the beginning of Great Innovation Institute internal business projects, I do the first project after the switch from the media, also hope to take out as a stand-alone project the company’s operations and business, but in the end because the negotiation is not too smooth I quit, and leave the 17Startup, need to hit the road again.

1) in the attention of the domestic and foreign venture investment companies, the total investment of time has accumulated more than more than 10 thousand hours, one can prove true love, on the other hand it indicates there is enough accumulation;
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2013: from 0 to 1 />

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