Shop name can not be arbitrary

to store a catchy name, now a lot of the owner can be said to be "free", how to attract people to come. As everyone knows, such a shop may start to attract consumers, but want to let the store’s business has been a long-term development is difficult, and even many have violated the relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, the shop name can not be arbitrary.

in Yucai Road, a hair salon hanging out today said hair signs. A staff member said, take this name is to attract the attention of customers, increase in popularity. However, he also said that the odd name can only attract customers into the store, the key to pull back or by service.

"Yiyibushe", "said today," e "world view" and so on, in today’s increasingly pursuing the visual impact of the era, the streets of Daye, a variety of personalized store more and more businesses with a full personal name to solicit business. The business sector said, "I respected the name I call the shots" at the same time, should also pay attention to social norms.

"insignificant" foot shop, global village cafe…… In order to make the name impressive, business shop will carefully design name. A silver jewelry processing business owner said, what a name that had made him a big headache, then create new styles for his shop named "my" silver "". "To eat, see a specially made Braised Prawns restaurant named" I was happy at numerous underlings." The 22 year old Du Liang said the people, there are some names made quite interesting, playful name let a person see not a knowing smile.


says is "my name I call the shots, but also some people worry that some idioms or idiomatic expressions are changed after the standardization of the language use effect.

Daye City chief

Industrial and Commercial Bureau individual section Cao Zhongya said, according to the provisions of the "measures" of the administration of the registration of individual industrial and commercial households, individual industrial and commercial household names may not contain: may cause deception or misunderstanding to the public; Pinyin letters, foreign words, punctuation; do not accord with national standard language. She reminded the majority of businesses in the name of the opening of the business, the business sector must apply for approval of registration, although the name of the pursuit of new ideas, but not in violation of national laws and regulations, damage the state, social and public interests.

if you want to make the name more for a long time, can really help the development of the shop, then, the premise is the natural need to know about the relevant laws and regulations of the shop name, so that it can ensure a more appropriate name, the development is more favorable to the shop.

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