The same bed with a mobile phone good night how modern people communicate

modern people are bow family, a lot of dependence on the phone. Recently, a report has aroused public concern, the couple slept in the same bed every day with a cell phone goodnight, "modern communication disease" people think.

this phenomenon is called "modern communication disorder", "modern communication disorder" to "the circle of friends in real life but all lingering sentiments, rarely meet".

Couples in the same bed with

mobile phone to say goodnight

From the beginning of 2014

for Apple mobile phone, Mr. Xue and his wife had the habit of mobile phone before playing. After turning off the lights at night, two people in the back of the bed to play mobile phone.

"piece, see the public number, then brush circle of friends, micro-blog brush. All the updates are over. The last one is my wife, such as good night, good dreams, with a few beautiful pictures, this is her habit. I’ll leave a message, good night, good dream." Of course, sometimes his wife will leave a message.

Many people point like

1986 was born in the area of high-tech enterprises in the high-tech enterprises. Nearly 30 years, has not been the object, the family urged tight. Miss Kim said that every day units, single apartment two points line, social circle is too narrow. Don’t say to find a man appointment, candlelight dinner, in reality, want to find a person to eat dinner is very difficult, no friends in Ningbo, colleagues after work, everyone rushed home, there is not much intersection. Most of the time, a person is eating dinner at home, while the brush circle of friends."

Compared to

and the reality of life in the "lonely", Miss Kim’s circle of friends is very lively. She spent a lot of time in the mobile phone on the way to work every day, dinner, before going to bed, the toilet is busy chatting, hair hair self portrait, Jack, living state.

Statistics show WeChat

"seems to be used and people in the online chat. Online their own chicken soup, hair shopping booty, travel photos, carefree. PS photos, looking at it very white Formica, many people praise. In reality, few friends." Miss Kim said. Recommended

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